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Sacrament of Baptism


We share in your excitement in the anticipation of welcoming your child into our community of
faith.  We hope you will find our baptismal preparation to be an opportunity for growth in your faith
as well.  Parents are the primary teachers of their children in the ways of faith.  As your parish, we
will provide support in raising your child in the practice of the faith through continued religious and
spiritual formation.

To prepare for the Baptism of your child, we will need information about you, your child, and the
godparents.  The name you give your child should include the name of a saint that you hope your child
will emulate.  Godparents should be baptized Catholics who have been confirmed and are a good
sacramental role model by regularly attending church.  If they are married (either to one another or
to another person), their marriage should have been celebrated in the Catholic Church.  These are
requirements of the Catholic Church and are followed in our parish.

Attached are documents to be downloaded, completed, and brought to the rectory.  [If you are
not able to download the documents, you may call the rectory, and the documents will be sent to you.]
Once we have all of the documents, we will contact the parents for a meeting at the family home or at
the rectory with the pastor or one of the deacons.  After that meeting, the parents and godparents
will be advised of the date and time of the next Baptismal Seminar.  The seminar generally occurs on
a Friday night two weeks before the date of the Baptism.  Baptisms are celebrated after 11:00 a.m.
Mass on designated Sundays, except during Lent, unless there are special circumstances.  

Letter to Parents
Family Information and Parental Testimonial
I Want My Child Baptized Because:
What Do You Expect of Baptism?
Godparent (one for each godparent)
Census Form
Copy of your child's birth certificate

Parents and godparents who cannot attend the Baptismal Seminar in St. Christopher Parish may
attend a seminar in another Catholic parish and have that parish send a letter confirming such
attendance.  Also, if the parents are from another parish, a letter of permission from the pastor of
your home parish must be sent to St. Christopher Church.

Parents and godparents for children being baptized in another parish are welcome to attend a
Baptismal Seminar at St. Christopher Parish.  A certificate of attendance will be sent to the parish
where the Baptism will occur.

A child must have only one godfather and one godmother.  Though traditional in some
cultures, “honorary” godparents are not named in the records of the Baptism of the child.

Except for serious circumstances, private Baptisms are not permitted.  For more information
and questions about Baptism, please contact Mr. Richard St. Amant, Director of Religious Education,
at 756-2115 or via

Baptismal Seminar Schedule
(7 p.m.)

Date of Baptism


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Deacon TBD
The Sacrament of Baptism