St. Christopher the Martyr Catholic Church
309  Manson Avenue, Metairie, Louisiana 70001
Phone:  504-837-8214
Sacrament of Holy Eucharist


At the death of a loved one, whose life of faith was begun in the waters of baptism and strengthened
at the Eucharistic table, the St. Christopher Parish family and the whole Catholic Church ministers to
the sorrowing and consoles them in the funeral rites with the comforting Word of God.  We intercede
on behalf of the deceased because of our confident belief that death is not the end, nor does it break
the bonds forged in life.

           The St. Christopher Parish family confidently proclaims that God has created each person
           for eternal life and that Jesus, the Son of God, has broken the chains of death that bind
           humanity, redeeming mankind and giving perfect glory to God by the paschal mystery of
           His blessed passion, death, resurrection from the dead, and glorious ascension.

           The celebration of the Christian funeral brings hope and consolation to the living by
           proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and witnessing to Christian hope in the resurrection
           and God's mercy to all who believe in Him.

        To arrange for the Christian funeral of a loved one at St. Christopher Church, contact the
rectory at 504-837-8214 and SPEAK with the pastor, other priest, or a deacon BEFORE making
any final arrangements with a funeral home or funeral director.

The Bereavement and Support Group will also contact the family to offer compassion and comfort in
this time of sorrow and anxiety.  Once the church is notified of the loss of your loved one, a church
member will offer assistance in planning the service and in choosing the readings and music based on
the family's preferences.  During the visitation for all funerals, the Bereavement Group provides
doughnuts and will also provide coffee at St. Christopher Church.  Besides being present during the
Rite of Christian Burial, the Bereavement Group offers caring support through monthly meetings on
the second Thursday of the month at 6:15 in the Parish Center, where there is also the support of
others experiencing grief, as well as a guest speaker to address some aspect of grief.

A Memorial Mass is held the second Thursday in July at 6 p.m. to celebrate the life of each loved one
remembered, as well as the lives of all parishioners who have died within the year.  Those attending
are invited to bring mementos of their loved ones, which are then blessed.  For more information,
please contact Dianne Vasquez, 835-0540 or
Rite of Christian Burial

Compassionate Burials for Indigent Babies (CBIB) is an organization whose mission is to hold dignified
burials for abandoned or indigent babies, to bring comfort to their families, and to raise awareness of the
Safe Haven Law so babies won't be thrown away.