• The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available 3:00 to 3:45 on Saturdays before Mass and is also available by appointment with the pastor or other priest by contacting the rectory.

    Preparing for the reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation requires prayer and reflection on the areas in our life that need to change.  The following “Examination of Consciousness” may be of assistance as we pray for the grace to be conscious of the sin in our life that has separated us from God.

  • Examination of Consciousness

    Am I aware of God as my Father, my Papa?  Do I consciously acknowledge God as my Creator?
    Have I discovered, accepted, developed, and used all of the talents, abilities, and gifts God has given to me?  Am I a good steward of my:

    body understanding family
    mind wisdom friends
    soul compassion coworkers
    intelligence patience church community
    free will forbearance rights
    physical ability generosity freedoms
    health forgiveness privileges
    artistic talent security home
    athletic ability independence vehicles

    Have I made an effort to learn more about my faith and what the Church teaches?
    Do I appreciate all that God has given to me?
    Have I rejected anything God has given to me?
    Do I take for granted any of the talents, abilities, and gifts I have received from God?
    Have I made a god out of a person or material thing?
    Do I want more than I am willing to work for?
    Am I working to establish God’s kingdom on this earth, or my own?
    Do I listen for God to speak to me when I pray?  Am I willing to listen for God to tell me His will when I pray?
    Do I do God’s will, or do I insist on doing my own will?
    Does my life reflect my relationship with Jesus?
    Do I desire more than I need to enjoy and benefit from my life?
    Do I share what I do not need with others who are in need?
    Have I forgiven those who have offended me?  Have I asked forgiveness of those I have offended?
    Have I determined how I need to change?  Am I resolved to change?
    Am I willing to seek the counsel of others?  Am I open to their advice?
    Have I attended Mass regularly and listened carefully to the words of Scripture?
    Do I listen to my family and friends?
    Am I overly concerned about what others think of me?
    Do I avoid speaking about faith or morality when it may be unpopular to do so?
    Do I speak with respect, even about people with whom I disagree?  Have I gossiped or damaged reputations?
    Have I used God’s name carelessly?  Do I curse in anger or frustration?
    Do I accept other people as they are, especially my family, friends, schoolmates, coworkers?
    Do I judge others harshly, rejecting them if they don’t live up to my expectations?
    Do I support those who are going through a tough time, mentally or physically?
    Have I visited the sick and sorrowing?  Have I contributed to the care of the poor?
    Do I accept with gratitude the gifts God is giving me?  Am I careful to express gratitude to God and to others?
    Have I abused drugs or alcohol or in other ways needlessly endangered myself or others?
    Do I use pornography or waste time on worthless entertainment?
    Do I recognize the wrong or sinful things in my family, community, and the world and call for change?
    Do I contribute regularly to the maintenance of my parish, both financially and with my time and talent?
    Do I pray for the local church and for those who guide us in the faith?