Adults new to the Catholic faith


St. Christopher the Martyr Catholic Church
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At our Baptism, we are called a “child of God,” for indeed we are.  As a child of God and a member of the
Catholic community of faith, we have the responsibility to constantly grow in our faith in God as Father,
Son, and Holy Spirit.  We accomplish this through a lifetime of intellectual and spiritual
information, conformation, reformation, and transformation
Formation:   We observe and learn from people of faith, including our parents, family, friends, and
others who demonstrate their faith by loving God and loving their neighbor as themselves.

Information:   Each of us is called to learn the revealed Word of God in sacred Scripture (the Bible) and
the teachings of the Catholic Church so that we may constantly grow in the knowledge and understanding
of God’s love for us and of all the talents, abilities, and gifts He has given to us to use and enjoy for our own
benefit and for the benefit of others.

Conformation:  Questions and doubts about our faith will occur.  If we do not occasionally question our
faith, we may not have a faith worth questioning.  As a person of faith, each of us has the responsibility to
seek the assistance of men and women of faith, including priests, deacons, family, friends, and others who
express their faith through word and example, in order to conform ourselves to the will of God and to
become all that He has created us to be.

Reformation:  As we increase our knowledge, understanding, and love of God, we are continually
reformed from a child of God to a mature disciple eager to discern the movement of the Spirit in our lives.

Transformation:  Formed, informed, conformed, and reformed in our faith in our Triune God, we are
transformed into true imitators of Jesus.

We cannot grow in our faith if we remain abstract and uninvolved.  We must engage with the community
of believers in our parish, a community which itself is a sign of transformation, a sign of newness of life, the
Church, the visible sacrament of salvation.

Faith Formation helps us make a conscious and firm decision to live the gift of faith through membership
in the Christian community with fellow parishoners of St. Christopher.  As mature Catholics, we are called
to contribute to the life and mission of the Church through generous stewardship of our gifts, and we share
in and accept the responsibility for the Church’s mission in the world to spread the message of Christ and
to transform the social and temporal order.  This call to evangelization and justice is integral to the
identity of the lay faithful.

Faith Formation seeks to help each believer become more willing and able to be a disciple of Jesus in the
world.  As salt of the earth and light for the world (Matt. 5:13-16), God’s disciples give witness to His love
so that, through and with the power of the Spirit, they may renew the face of the earth.

St. Christopher Parish’s Faith Formation ministry engages the interests of all parishioners by presenting
the core elements of Catholic faith and practice – a complete initiation into a Catholic way of life – in ways
that relate to their life experiences, helping them to form a Christian conscience and to live their lives in
the world as faithful disciples of Jesus.

The goal is to integrate actual life experience, diverse learning needs, the study of Scripture, and the
teaching of the Church's tradition through:
Faith Formation
Faith Formation Programs

gradual adult initiation program is one of spiritual formation that includes prayer, sharing, and
study and occurs in the context of the parish community.  
RCIA, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
Adults new to the Catholic faith who would like to become a
Catholic must engage in the process known as "RCIA."  This
•        Parish School of Religion (grades K - 8th)
•        Confirmation formation program (See "Confirmation" at
•        Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
•        Adult religious education
•        Retreats and days of spiritual renewal (in parish and at nearby retreat facilities
•        Scripture study
•        Spiritual enrichment events
•        Retreats and days of spiritual renewal (in parish and at nearby retreat facilities)
"Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone
who asks you for a reason for your hope."
1 Peter 3:15