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    • I can do it on my own…I don’t need anyone…I can’t trust anyone…I can only trust myself. Have you ever said anything like this? Or, have you ever believed that you could make it through this life on...
    • For several weeks you get to live in the beautiful North Georgia mountains or the amazing Hill Country of Texas, where music around campfires, surrounded by nature, and amazing Chaco tans are the...
    • We take for granted the gap between curiosity about these unique practices and understanding them, let alone incorporating them into our spirituality. For teenagers - especially this year - Lent is...
  • The mission of St. Christopher CYO is to serve the needs of all youth:  spiritual, emotional, social, and physical.  We offer guidance to assist young people as they assume responsibility for themselves and for their relationships with their peers and community, as well as creating an environment which leads them into a relationship with God through Christ and His Church. Membership is open to students in 7th grade up until the age of 18.  We have Mass and our meeting every second Sunday of the month, with Mass beginning at 6 p.m. and the meeting beginning at 7 p.m. in the gym.  For more information, contact Kelsie Bordelon at

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    /photoalbums/cyo/20190804_Baking_cupcakes.png Fellowship during cupcake baking /photoalbums/cyo/20190804_Baking_cupcakes.png _parent
    /photoalbums/cyo/20190804_Cabbage_ball_semifinalists-590x425.png Proud cabbage ball semifinalists! /photoalbums/cyo/20190804_Cabbage_ball_semifinalists-590x425.png _parent