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    • His love is not an act of kindness or obligation - but a personal testimony to your fulfillment. He desires that you live life fully alive and He offers you the freedom to embrace that in His love...
    • While this phenomenon has proved itself devastating and confusing, we cannot forget the ways in which this time has served as an opportunity for stillness and growth, allowing space for the Holy...
    • The best life we can ever live is a life that leads us and those we love to Heaven, to rejoice with our Creator, and be in awe of His presence. Christ had no expectation of grandeur when He became...
  • The mission of St. Christopher CYO is to serve the needs of all youth:  spiritual, emotional, social, and physical.  We offer guidance to assist young people as they assume responsibility for themselves and for their relationships with their peers and community, as well as creating an environment which leads them into a relationship with God through Christ and His Church. Membership is open to students in 7th grade up until the age of 18.  We have Mass and our meeting every second Sunday of the month, with Mass beginning at 6 p.m. and the meeting beginning at 7 p.m. in the gym.  For more information, contact Kelsie Bordelon at

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    /photoalbums/cyo/20190727_Rose_Rally-590x425.png Rose Rally, July 26-27, 2019 /photoalbums/cyo/20190727_Rose_Rally-590x425.png _parent
    /photoalbums/cyo/20190804_Baking_cupcakes.png Fellowship during cupcake baking /photoalbums/cyo/20190804_Baking_cupcakes.png _parent
    /photoalbums/cyo/20190804_Cabbage_ball_semifinalists-590x425.png Proud cabbage ball semifinalists! /photoalbums/cyo/20190804_Cabbage_ball_semifinalists-590x425.png _parent