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          History of St. Christopher Parish


St. Christopher the Martyr Catholic Church
309  Manson Avenue, Metairie, Louisiana 70001
Phone:  504-837-8214

St. Christopher
You have inherited a
beautiful name,
as a result of a wonderful
legend that while carrying
people across a raging stream
you also carried the Child
Jesus.  Teach us to be true
Christbearers to those who
do not know Him.  Protect us
all as we travel through this
world on our pilgrimage
back to the Father.
All praise and glory be to God,
most holy, Father, Son, and
Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Martry c. 251 A.D.
Commemoration, July 25

We, the family of St. Christopher
Parish,  are committed to journey
together to love and serve Jesus by
meeting the spiritual, physical, and
emotional needs of our brothers
and sisters for the glory of God.
Mission Statement
The Life of Saint Christopher
Saint Christopher was a pagan originally
named Offero.  He was a strong and tall man.  
On his travels, he met a hermit who guided
travelers to the safe points where they could
cross a dangerous river.  Offero took the place
of the hermit; but instead of just guiding
travelers to safe places, he would often carry
them across the river, especially any small
children.  According to legend, one of the
children was the infant Jesus.  Early in 250 AD,
the Roman Emperor Decius (reigned 249–251)
issued an edict for the suppression of
Christianity in the Roman Empire.  Seeing the
Christians persecuted, Offero rebuked the
Romans for their cruelty.  Soldiers were sent to
bring him before the ruler, but he converted
the soldiers to Christ through the teachings of
the hermit and, with them, was baptized.  He
changed his name to Christoffero, which led to
the name Christopher.  After appearing before
the ruler, Christoffero was imprisoned,
subjected to many torments, and finally
beheaded.  Saint Christopher is listed as a
martyr killed during these persecutions of 3rd-
century Rome.

           Pastors of St. Christopher Church
Rev. Patrick J. Quinn
Rev. Maurice J. Gubler
Rev. Ignatius Fossier, O.S.B.
Rev. Andrew Taormina
Rev. Msgr. Louis P. LeBourgeois
Rev. H.J. Adams, Jr.
Rev. Kenneth Harney
Rev. Frank Candalisa